Road Safety

According to the study conducted by the leading automobile industry it was observed that globally India tops in road accident fatalities. India has less than 1% of world’s vehicle population, but accounts for approximately 100,000 motor accidental deaths every year. 78% accidents happens due to driver error and 65% deaths are those of pedestrians.

India has about 3.3 million kilometers of road network, making it one of the largest networks in the world. Although National Highways of India constitute only 2% of the total road network, they bear approximately 40% of the total traffic hence bulk movement of goods and people are handled by it, making road transport the priority area to look in to. Considering the high fatality rate on Indian roads, every year weeklong National campaign on Road safety take place during the month of January.

TCI Foundation under its CSR initiative and with support of its stakeholders including Society of Indian Auto Mobile Manufactures (SIAM) observes “The National Road Safety Week every year by conducting of integrated road safety training and health camp across the nation.

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