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The origin of the idea to start dispensaries goes back to the time when TCI had built its trans shipment centers in the far-flung areas of India with little or no access to medical facility. Several dispensaries were started in the early 60s by TCI to provide medical facility in those areas for the staff of TCI working in those locations and also for other people living there. Till recently TCI was running dispensaries in three locations--- Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and Port blair. We decided to close down Ahmedabad after we did an internal survey, findings of which showed that enough interventions have been introduced by the government in the area because of which number of patients visiting the dispensary was also scaling down. It was therefore decided to close down the dispensary. We presently have dispensaries running in two locations namely Coimbatore and Port Blair. The patients visiting these dispensaries are generally very poor and are given treatment and medicines free of charge .

Artificial Limb Center

In the month of May 2008 TCI in collaboration with BMVSS, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sewa Samiti in Jaipur started an artificial limb center by name TCI Jaipur foot and Rehabilitation center situated in Patna.

We provide artificial limbs, crutches and calipers to the poor in this center free of cost.

The intervention has impacted several lives, which went off track because of disability struck due to accidents, illnesses etc. After receiving the service, people who were earlier working have got back to work, children have become mobile and leading lives of less or no dependence as far as their physical movement is concerned. Since the time the center became operational till October, 2010 the center has touched the lives of more then 4000 people The center has been able to get the services of reputed nationally decorated orthopaedic surgeons who provide consultancy services to the patients free of charge.The center has provided services to people from all the districts of Bihar. Other than the people of Bihar, the center has provided benefit to people of Assam, Orrisa, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh & Birgunj (Nepal) through the various camps that have been organized.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme

Truckers Program

In December 2003, TCI Foundation, the social wing of TCI was awarded a grant by the Global Health program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to implement a large scale effective HIV preventive intervention among the truckers in India on and along the highways (NH2-NH9). The “Project was called “Kavach”.

Following data shows the reach of the project:

  • 5500 IPC (Interpersonal Communication) sessions per month which contacts around 61,000 truckers
  • 1000 mid – media activities like plays, kiosks etc per month covers around 65,000 truckers
  • Khushi and its satellite clinics treat around 21,000 truckers per month including 4,800 monthly STI treatment
  • 300,000 audio cassettes containing scripted messages interspersed with popular Hindi music were distributed and collaterals (posters, stickers) were placed all across these locations.

In recognition of its work with the truckers since 2003 and its contribution in arresting the spread of HIV/AIDS among long distance truckers, TCIF was chosen as the TSG (Technical Support Group) by the government of India, for the nationwide truckers program initiated by NACO (National AIDS Control Organization) from April 2009 .

As a TSG, TCIF on behalf of NACO, based on the learning's and experiences of Kavach is replicating and up-scaling around 131 interventions in conjunction with SACS (State AIDs Control Societies) all across the nation.

TCI’s Workplace programme

TCI is one of the few Corporates in India with a well defined workplace policy on HIV/AIDS. The policy was adopted in 2005 and was revised in January 2010 by including two new clauses which were the following.

  • “We will create an enabling environment for a social dialogue on HIV/AIDS.”
  • “There would be no gender discrimination in the dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS and its treatment.”
  • We have a bank of 70 Master trainers who provide awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS to the employees.

We have already covered 1200 employees in 48 training programmes in the last financial year. A module on HIV/AIDS awareness programme has been developed which is integrated with the overall training programmes of the TCI group.

Blood Donation Camps

TCI conducts an annual blood donation camp on the 17th of August, the death anniversary of the founding father. This is done in collaboration with agencies like Red Cross to encourage its staff to donate blood thereby sensitizing the people on the importance of giving something of theirs resulting in saving life/lives.

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