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Disaster Relief

TCIF has responded to various situations of emergency by providing all that, which goes into an immediate relief kitty for the victims of natural calamities, be it drought in Rajasthan, or earthquake in Latur. During the coastal Tsunami in December 2004, when the gigantic waves, the likes of which were perhaps never seen before crashed into the coastal regions in many parts of the world, washing away people animals homes and hearths with unprecedented losses which the world watched in horror. TCI contributed significantly by putting its vehicles into operation for relief work, ferrying the victims from the affected places to safer places, providing and transporting relief material free of cost, helping in the disbursement of relief material to the deserving people.

TCIF’s intervention in Leh

In the recent rain related calamity to strike the Himalayas, when two cloudbursts hit Ladakh’s Leh area in August 2010, washing away large parts of the town and wreaking havoc in a number of villages. Group TCI adopted a worst hit village, by name Nimoo, 35 kms away from Leh. A few Staff members of group TCI were deployed to oversee the relief and rehabilitation operations in the village. After talks with the local administration and consultations with the people of Nimoo village, Group TCI started the construction of houses for the victims of the cloud burst that left people homeless.






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