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TCI Foundation, the social wing of Transport Corporation of India Limited (TCIL) takes forward the Group’s belief in partnering with society at large with the aim of making life better for all. Driven by an urge to make a change, after a few years of TCI’s inception, a few schools were built, a couple of financially supported dispensaries were started in the then considered remote areas of the country, initiatives were taken to mobilize women and facilitate them with skills which enabled them to contribute to the family income in areas where women were treated as lesser mortals condemned to live a life of oppression and denial. Initiatives were taken in the area of environment such as improving the fertility of the barren lands by innovative methods and so on. TCI through its social arm has always risen to contribute its bit whenever the country has faced with natural disasters leading to destruction of life and property. It has however, in the recent past been focusing in its thrust areas namely health, education & disaster relief. We at TCI, feel a few inches taller with the scale, spread and the impact that has been created by our much acclaimed truckers programme titled "Kavach" , a large scale HIV preventive intervention programme for the truckers in India, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

TCI has recently restarted its work in the areas of environment and energy on its own and in collaboration with like minded NGOs and CBOs.

TCIFs other Interventions

TCI, apart from its direct interventions has also been making its interventions in partnership with NGOs and CBOs in areas pertaining to children, women's empowerment, environment and energy.




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